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Our Story

Forgotten Roots: An American Heritage Winery was born out of the idea that great wine can be made with ingredients available locally in Colorado. Although it isn’t known for grape production, Colorado offers a great variety of fruits — including apples, apricots, cantaloupes, gooseberries, peaches, plums, raspberries, and even cactus fruit — all of which make delightful and refreshing wines when properly fermented.

The idea for our winery came up when, after years of making wine and brewing, Ryan and Sarah Carroll decided to make something a little different: apple wine. The fruit was obtained about as locally as it gets as they picked the apples from their yard and infused the wine with hops from their own vine. The results was pure deliciousness. Since then, Ryan has obsessively formulated recipes with locally sourced fruits made in a style that hearkens back to a time when imported grapes weren’t available and a little bit of ingenuity allowed creative people to concoct delicious wines from the bounty of their own back yards.

Our wines are a creative tribute to the beautiful State of Colorado and try to reflect our deeply-rooted sense of home. Although fruit wine isn’t as common these days, it was once a deeply embedded American tradition. Through the methods and recipes we’ve uncovered, we hope to re-introduce the world to “country wine” and help you to remember your Forgotten Roots.


Our extensive wine list is made almost exclusively from locally sourced fruits, honey, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. We also carry a wide selection of Colorado meads, wines, and ciders from other local producers.


Forgotten Roots

• Island Pineapple
• Midnight Blueberry
• Ponderosa Peach
• Backcountry Plum
• Dragon’s Blood Beet


Spritzers & Sangria

• Classic White Wine Spritzer
• Classic Red Wine Spritzer
• Decadent Saint White Sangria, What • We Love
• Decadent Saint Fire or Ice Sangria, What We Love
• Pitcher of Sangria (Red or White), approx 5 drinks


White Wines

• Cameron Pass White Table Wine, Ten • Bears
• Colorado Riesling, Sweetheart City
• Sauvignon Blanc, Infinite Monkey
• Pinot Grigio, Bonacquisti
• Viognier, Balastreri
• Chardonnay, Settembre



• Grasshoppa, Colorado Cider Company *
• Seasonal Pear Cider, Climb Hard Cider Company *
• Honey Apple, Climb Hard Cider Company *
• Hopped Pear, Infinite Monkey
• Peach Cider, Climb Hard Cider Company
• Cranberry Cider, Climb Hard Cider Company
• Glider Cider, Colorado Cider Company
• Cherry Glider Cider, Colorado Cider Company


Red Wines

• Poudre River Red Table Wine, Ten Bears
• Vinni No Neck Sangiovese, Bonacquisti
• “Flirtatious” Cabernet Franc, Sweetheart City
• Carmenere, Bonacquisti
• American Syrah, Bonacquisti
• 2013 Tempranillo, Book Cliff


Meads & Sweets

• Traditional Mead, Redstone Meadery
• Nectar of the Hops Mead, Redstone Meadery
• Mountain Berry Mead, Hunter’s Moon
• Nutty LaPorte, Ten Bears
• Rose, Infinite Monkey
• Moscato, Infinite Monkey

About Us

Ryan Carroll is the Managing Partner and winemaker at Forgotten Roots: An American Heritage Winery. It’s always been his dream to be somehow involved in fermentation. Whether it be cheese, yogurt, saurkraut, beer, mead, sake, or wine, it has always been a closely held passion of his and considers making wine to be as much of a scientific endeavor as it is a form of artistic expression. He has always enjoyed cooking, gardening, foraging natural foods, nature, and the arts, and considers his passion for wine to be the culmination of these eclectic interests.

Ryan is educated with a BA in Anthropology and has a dedicated interest in diversity and human interactions with their environment, and each other. After completing a seventh year in the corporate workforce in 2015 (mostly in HR), he decided it was time to pursue something more in-line with his personal philosophy of integrity, responsibility, and passion. Thus, the dream of Forgotten Roots was born.
Sarah Carroll is Ryan’s wife and partner-in-crime when it comes to wine. She turned him on to “the really good stuff” on a trip through Sonoma, CA several years ago, and since then they’ve been going to wine tastings around the country whenever possible. A U.S. Navy veteran, Sarah used to be a Sonar Technician and is currently a Registered Nurse on her way to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Sarah also helps out with marketing and lots of fun ideas for the winery in her spare time. Without Sarah’s support as a loving wife, none of this would be possible today.

Our Philosophy

We choose to make our wine with local ingredients and in small batches because we want you to have the highest quality wine that truly represents the best of Northern Colorado. By doing so, we hope to enrich your experience with us while being socially responsible members of our community.

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